Who we are

VENCO was established in 2000 and it designs, produces and sells ventilation units and equipments at its factory in Manisa,Turkey.

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VENCO gives a great importance to Research & Development and Product Development by developing high efficient and high quality products whose aim is to contribute to the safety of the environment.

VENCO is one of the leaders in its sector by new investments at its facility with sustainable quality policy, that provides us increasing domestic sales volume and export sales volume. VENCO is exporting to more than 50 countries in 5 continents.

VENCO has CE, ATEX and Fire Resistance certificates for their products and the products are tested according to EMC & LVD standarts. Also, VENCO posseses ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certificate.

Venco, utilizing up-to-date standards, production and test technologies in order to carry out the production in conformance with the international standards in ventilation industry, is active in production, domestic and overseas sales of its wide product range including;

• Heat Recovery Units
• Duct and Air Handling Unit Type Electrical Heaters
• Jet Fan Systems
• Smoke Exhaust, Pressurization and Axial Fans

• Fans with Casing
• Explosion Proof (EX-Proof) Fans
• Duct, Roof and Kitchen Type Fans
• Silencers and Fan Accessories

Our values

Our mission,
-Taking responsibility for the society,
-Adding value for internal and external shareholders,
-Being reliable for the customers,
-Ensuring the employee satisfaction.

Our vision,
-Being pioneer at energy efficiency,
-Being leader at quality improvements and cost minimization,
-Being leader at technological improvements in the ventilation industry.

VENCO Quality Policy,

VENCO A.Ş. embraces customer satisfaction as its primary value in order to provide sustainable growth and be leader at the domestic ventilation
market; so VENCO A.Ş manufactures its all products and provides its services in this perspective in the sense of risk and opportunity analysis.

VENCO acknowledges following principles in this perspective;
- Being innovative through following of the technological improvements,
- Training its managers to qualify them with change management skills,
- Ensuring a secure and peaceful work environment for our employees,
- Embracing Quality Manufacturing as a primary principle for a productive and profitable organization besides the customer satisfaction,
- Taking social responsibility in the sense of considerations of the society,
- Being pioneer at energy efficiency in the ventilation sector,
- Collaborating with its supplier based on the mutual benefits.