Who we are

We have been producing salon equipment for hairdressing for more 30 years with quality, innovation and creativity.

These guidelines permits us to be one of the leaders in this market. Our continuous research of new lines, new materials and new tendences permits the creation of product that are not onlY a work tool but also a design object.

Vezzosi can offer you: 3D plan, possibility of customization, architects, technicians, commercial office at your service.

Our aim is to satisfy our clients with the design and also with the price. Our production is divided in 2 collections: VEZZOSI style for the medium-high-top level, VEZZOSI EMPORIO is a young and easy collection with very interesting prices

Our values

In our scale of value we put the quality and the customer's satisfaction at the same level of the design and the creativity.

In a moment of exsasperated search of the lowest price at any cost, Vezzosi wants to keep an hight standard level.