Who we are

VITAL TECH is above all a story of passion and determination on the part of its two creators.

Alexandra Gavsevitch, bioenergetician ACMOS, naturopath and aromatologist, and Eric Fauchon, Osteopath Poyet Method and acupuncturist, opened, in 2007, the Vital Center in Boulogne where they offer effective and natural detoxification techniques and methods, notably combining alternative therapies with infrared long.

Ultra perfectionists and even endian, they very quickly believe that no existing device is precise enough to meet their therapeutic needs and embark on the design of an innovative device intended for professional use. Patents were filed in 2013 and the first generation of the VITAL DOME, entirely designed and produced in France, was born.

This is the start of the VITAL TECH adventure!

Our values

The excellence that drives our success

Since 2013, the name of VITAL TECH has become synonymous with quality, efficiency and service. The competence, know-how and above all the listening of our customers to innovate new devices have raised the company VITAL TECH to the rank of leader in long infrared wellness devices.

A motivated team of men and women

VITAL TECH has made the spirit of service a true corporate culture. Consequence of this organization: responsiveness, sense of service and creativity are the watchwords of our relationships with our customers.

Our presence around the world