Who we are

Designer and creator of prestigious collections of luxury bathroom fixtures,
Volevatch, based in Tully in the Picardie region of France, has been deploying
his unique vision of the art of bathing since 1975 and by doing so, he reveals an
undeniable passion and profound respect for the French decorative arts.
Worthy of the inheritance of such genuine «savoir-faire», stamped «made in France»,
the manufacturer Volevatch perpetuates the zeal and genius passed down from
founder Serge Volevatch, the eponym of the company.

Exploring the spirit and soul of a prestigious know-how is a delicate adventure,
a tracing of humility and of carefully kept secrets. Unveiling the history of
gestures repeated hundreds of times with the pure appreciation of the beauty
and detail that each artisan embodies is an experience to be lived and not
only to be talked about. The standard for nothing less than utmost perfection
held by a tradition which is endlessly self-renewing carries within it an
imagination which is undefinable. The magic of its history is preserved within
the simplicity and artistry of the Volevatch workshops.

Abiding by the strictest sanitary measures and assisted by cutting
edge digital production tools, the expert hands of our smelters,
welders, assemblers, polishers, chiselers and engravers, fashion
and sculpt the solid pure brass with precision and delicacy and
complete each piece with precious finishing touches.
Consequently, each piece of this master’s craft is a work of art,
marked by tradition and modernity where the subtle balance of
the authenticity of style is associated with a modern functionality
offering unlimited possibilities of custom creations to tempt the
imaginations of our worldwide client base.

Our values