Who we are

Established in 1927, Watco originally provided specialist wood care and timber treatments, before expanding our range to include dustproofers and sealers for concrete surfaces. The Watco name became well known for improving warehouses and working environments, providing effective solutions for reducing dust, and making floors easier to clean. Soon, our range expanded to include concrete floor paint, which was used to help repair and rebuild across the country after WWII.

We became the first company to produce and sell two-pack epoxy resin products directly to the end user. They were specialist products which were designed by our chemists to be accessible to non-specialists – easy to use but with excellent quality results. We introduced Concrex, an epoxy resin repair mortar, which remains a bestseller today. Our anti slip range was growing, and Safety Grip was improving safety conditions for businesses all over the UK. Truly innovative products, these remain bestsellers today.

Watco's success has spread to France, Germany, and the USA, while our products are being exported worldwide. We continue to be at the forefront of the design and innovation of flooring products, creating unique formulations to bring you products which do things that others don’t.

Our values

We are proud of following values:

- brilliant consultation of our qualified customer service

- short delivery times

- high-quality products / long-live products

Watco is available on many channels:

# via mail

# via phone

# via personal appointment for big projects

# via Livechat

# via Videocall for big projects

Visit us at https://www.watco.de

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