WEST inx

Who we are

WEST has its orignins in a factory named "Nishi Seisakusho"(Nishi's factory) founded in 1933 by Mr. Asajiro Nishi. He started with manufacturing of locks and ironmongery hardwares mainly for vessels at near Osaka sea port. Due to the large demand of rapid economic growth, our product range had shifted to the category of house building hardware.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, with highly increasing of housing demand, our product range was greatly widened in accordance with the needs of the market. To meet the market demand of quality, cost and lead time. We have been supplying only the best products up until today.

Agaho series were created in 1992. The products that have followed the first Agaho items also embody fundamental ideas and most of them have received Good Design Award in Japan in 1992, 2003 and 2008. Those products have received awards not only in Japan, also received Gold Prize at the iF Design award in Germany, 2008.

Our values

Our value has been expressed on our company name ,WEST inx Ltd. The word "inx" indicates the meaning of two words starting with "in"-"innovative" and "inspiring". Those words express our company ideals. And "x" shows that two words are joined in mutual effect. The name originates in the desire of our company to continue creating unique innovative products and also to have a presence that may help architects and designer to create inspiring living space.