Who we are

Wilkhahn – ergonomic task and office chairs and dynamic conference tables.

Unlike virtually any other manufacturer in the office furniture industry, Wilkhahn stands worldwide for design made in Germany. It offers high-quality office and dynamic conference furniture which are benchmarks for the entire industry. Some 60 years ago, the company made better utility value, long-lasting design and durability its goals. Milestones like classic office chair FS-Line (1980), Confair folding conference table (1994), office chair Modus (1994) or skid-base chair Aline (2004) have shaped the way offices have evolved. The latest examples of pioneering innovations are the multi-purpose chair Occo, Cantilever chair Metrik or three-dimensional ON, IN and AT which leading experts currently consider the world’s best office chairs.

Wilkhahn also sets new standards in terms of its socio-ecological approach. As winner of the German Environmental Prize, the company has worked with architects Frei Otto and Thomas Herzog and has actively been practising environmental responsibility for over 20 years. In addition to a number of international accolades, office chair ON has also received the Federal Ecodesign Award.

Our values

Sustainability included. Worldwide.

All Wilkhahn ranges are designed to last and provide excellent levels of functionality. The ecological design concept was launched in 1992 and has been repeatedly updated since then. It requires sparing use of materials, but maximum strength at the same time. If possible it insists on materials that can be separated with removable attachments. The furniture should also be easy to repair in order to extend its service life if it's damaged or shows signs of wear and tear. Each of the components is labelled in compliance with international standards and guarantees they can continue to be used, recycled and disposed of locally. Key ranges are also certified in line with the stringent Greenguard standards as “suitable for interiors”.

The logistical and manufacturing processes are also kind to the environment. In the main Bad Münder plant 50% of the energy also comes from renewables. Wilkhahn is a winner of the German Environment Prize and is ISO 14001 and EMAS certified. And what’s more, we’re the first office furniture manufacturer that requires suppliers and partners worldwide to comply with environmental and social responsibility standards.

With further production facilities in Spain and Australia, as well as sales companies, licensing and retail partners on all continents, we ensure that we're able to offer not just first-class product quality, but also professional support and services worldwide.

Design principles: responsible furniture® for people and the environment

Responsible furniture by Wilkhahn is the antidote to the throw-away society. Therefore, Wilkhahn products focus on providing maximum utility value, durability and protecting resources. At Wilkhahn, environmental protection and social fairness belong together.

Avoid waste – “the longer and better”
- With products of value and first-class quality
- With timeless, self-contained and appealing design
- With useful innovations

Reduce – “less is more”
- Enhanced material usage and handling
- Energy efficiency in production
- Reduction of CO2 and harmful substances

Recover – “reuse + recycle”
- Products can be updated and still used
- Products are repair-friendly
- Materials are labelled and recycled

- Health and safety, training and profit sharing for employees
- Fair pay and good working conditions in our partners' businesses too
- Boosting employee rights internationally.

Our presence around the world