Who we are


WoodN Industries was established in 2002 and currently is a global market leader offering solutions for the industries of construction and design, meeting the highest aesthetic and quality standards.

In 2014, the Group branched out with the acquisition of “Greenwood” a market leader for composite wood decking in Venice, which shares many of its interests, experience and markets.

The meeting of two leading brands, of two perfectly complementary formulas, amplifies the options for the world of modern architecture: WoodN, with its light materials, and Greenwood, with its durable and stable decking, join forces in WoodN Industries to meet the most different needs of both horizontal and vertical applications.

The company is based in Belluno, in the heart of the Dolomites, and the production plants are located in the province of Treviso, where a creative approach and know-how merge in a winning combination.

Our values


- Product entirely Made in Italy.

- The use of research-based innovative materials.

- The ability to meet any requirement, thanks to the two complementary materials WoodN and Greenwood. WoodN consists of 30% pine wood fibers and 70% PVC-based polymer alloys, whereas Greenwood which consists of 70% pine wood fibers and 30% Polypropylene-based polymer alloys.

- Thanks to the variety in shapes, they are an ideal solution for multiple uses in architectural fields.

- Material durability that doesn’t require maintenaince.

- Qualified service from initial concept design to the completation of the project.

- Raw materials are tracked and certified and this includes the recycling of reusable materials within our production cycle.


WoodN and Greenwood are a green and sustainable choice.

All the wood used is FSC/PEFC certified. These trademarks identify product taken from sustainably managed forests, in keeping with scrupulous environmental standards.


WoodN Industries clothes the world of architecture and design with sartorial elegance through its innovative materials, while respecting ethics and the environment.