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Who we are

WoodSpars™ products combine innovation with the tradition of wood. They are designed for use in the nautical sector, construction and landscaping. We offer various solutions in local or exotic wood species. FSC certification is part of our responsible quality commitment.

Our workshops also produce glued laminated beams up to 30m in softwood or hardwood for a wide variety of uses. WoodSpars™ Garden – WoodSpars™ Yachting – WoodSpars™ Building

A wood lathe of unique dimensions in Europe. This special machine is able of turning, machining and sawing beams 30m long and 80cm in diameter. The solid wood or BLC beams are machined in the 4 axes. A workshop designed for the optimal manufacture of round timber: customised machines, routing machines and sanders. All the equipment to quickly respond to single orders or mini series: for nautical, construction or industrial sectors.

A software has been developed in-house for the calculation of the loads. This part of the design office can draw, calculate the forces and check the dimensions of the wooden parts. An architecture firm comes in reinforcement to design, study and certify large-scale projects.

Our values

At WoodSpars™, lead times are much shorter than traditional shipyards. We have a multitude of transport solutions adapted to each parcel.

Based in Locmariaquer in Morbihan in Brittany, we have wood and products in stock. We can respond quickly to your business needs.

We also master the courier chains for small parcels as well as large transport for long parts.

Just ask us for quotation and freight solutions.