Who we are

Between industry and craftsmanship
The task of the designer is to shape social change towards a better world. These craftsmen teach us about the essence of our material. We as the designers and manufacturers then take this knowledge and the use of computer-based technologies to travel new paths towards awareness of social change, taking current environmental and social aspects into account: diversity rather than standardisation, conservation of resources instead of waste, identification rather than mainstream, in short quality instead of quantity. We live diversity.

Our values

Plain and simple is good and precious
ZEITRAUM isn´t just furniture, ZEITRAUM is an attiude to life and the things around us. The objects which accompany us through life should have character, whilst also being practical, adaptable and unobtrusive. They are a mirror and an expression of their owner, a servant and a friend. Our furniture is attractive because it is of good quality not because of designer frills. It impresses without dominating – exciting in its simplicity.

Quality creates longevity
If you don´t want to go with the flow. You need ideas.Our idea is quite simple – quality.Our furniture has to put up with a lot. Removals, decoration and even childrens parties.What it doesn´t put up with is design trends, which is good because its orginality allows it to meet our changing requirements. Our design is a tribute to simplicity, to the purity of the materials, the constancy of the form. For furnitures which last more than a lifetime. ZEITRAUM furniture doesn´t age, it matures.

Wood – comfortable and lively
The special glow of our timber is an invitation for both hands and eyes to follow its unique structure and grain. It doesn´t matter whether warm or cold, wood always feels comfortable.
We can´t really see it because it lives very slowly. That´s impressive! Even more impressive is the fact that wood lives on after it has been felled - the floorboards creak, the walls groan almost as if they had just grown a new ring.