Who we are

Zumtobel has been developing the highest quality of lighting solutions tailored to the individual’s needs for more than 50 years. With a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality luminaires, the Austrian lighting specialist provides the right light for every application at any time of day or night. As a leader in innovation, Zumtobel follows an outstanding design approach to continuously push the boundaries in search for perfection through unique and timeless design. As the international supplier of integral lighting solutions develops the next generation of lighting, it builds on its family heritage to refine the aesthetics of light and improve the quality of life through light. Zumtobel is a brand of the Zumtobel Group AG with its headquarters in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria).

Zumtobel. The Light.

Our values

For over 60 years, the Zumtobel brand has been synonymous with innovation, unique product and service quality and superior design. The brand has always been underpinned by knowledge of lighting and a profound understanding of its effects on people. Aspiring to create the best light for people and the environment, Zumtobel provides customised solutions featuring measurable added value.

Our presence around the world