Commercial patio umbrellas

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Metal patio umbrella / for professional use

Solstice performs variations...

Offset patio umbrella / acrylic / polyester / steel

The parasol with double personality Exuberant,...

Offset patio umbrella / swivelling / aluminum / acrylic

The parasol that moves in perfect harmony Design and operation...

Offset patio umbrella / acrylic / polyester / aluminum

The technical parasol in style Tensioned...

Offset patio umbrella / polyester / acrylic / aluminum

A great idea for a small space A parasol...

Aluminum patio umbrella / for professional use / for special events

FILIUS is the smallest of our traditional parasols.This is the...

Canvas patio umbrella / aluminum / for professional use

The center pole of the ALBATROS parasol...

Canvas patio umbrella / aluminum / commercial / for special events

SCHATTELLO is the perfect large parasol umbrella for restaurants and...

Professional use patio umbrella

Fim products can be strategically...

Offset patio umbrella / for professional use

Fim products can be strategically...

Offset patio umbrella / for professional use

It needs a lot to be a true free-arm sunshade. And it’s not only the size that...

How to choose this product


A commercial patio umbrella, sometimes called a parasol, is used to shade outdoor seating, dining or bathing areas, protecting users from the sun. Weatherproof models also protect from the rain.


In addition to shading, a parasol can help define a commercial area, such as a restaurant terrace. It may be lit at night to create an inviting ambiance. There is a variety of colors and styles.


While some models have a central support anchored by a heavy base, others hang from an offset support attached to the floor, appearing to float over a large open area. Frames are often made of light, robust materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. Some are dome-shaped, though funnel and other configurations can be used to reduce wind-related problems.

How to choose

Consider the area to be covered. It should be larger than the table, bathing or seating area, or public space to be shaded. Verify that there is sufficient head room under the parasol. Favor high-quality sun-resistant and wind-compatible designs. Determine ease of opening, closing and storage. Check local regulations and evaluate the potential need for protection against staining, corrosion and harsh weather.


- Folding models common
- Can help define a space


- Many types vulnerable to strong winds

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