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wood-burning boiler / chip - FSS

The woodchip boiler, model FSS, built in a thick steel plate, burns wood residues of some centimetres long that are loaded through an automatic system. The fuel used varies and it can be made of: chopped pruning, sawmill rejects...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - FCL

The FCL wood boiler burns wood logs manually loaded in the combustion chamber. The boiler, built in a thick steel plate, has a large chromed...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - BIOSMART 14/22 KW

The premium standby boiler is an ideal partner when alternative means...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - BMK 20/30/40/50 KW

The new generation of the BMK (biomass converter) is characterised by a long...

wood-burning boiler / chip - POWERCHIP 20/30/40/50KW

The fully automatic wood chip system stands out on account of its...

wood-burning boiler / chip - POWERCHIP 75/100KW

The fully automatic wood chip system is distinguished by its unique...

wood-burning boiler / chip - POWERCHIP 100-400KW

With the GUNTAMATIC cascade you will benefit from the highest reliability...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - CLASSICFIRE

It is still in fashion to use log wood for heating. With a burning time of up to 20 hours, the KWB Classicfire combines the benefits of...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / wood pellet / log-burning - MULTIFIRE

KWB Multifire is a robust all-rounder for economical heating.

CFD-optimised silicon-carbide combustion chamber
CFD-optimised nozzle...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - POWERFIRE

Our power package is one of the most compact heating systems in the 150 to 300 kW power range. The KWB Powerfire can be fired with wood chips...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - HPK-RA

This highly efficient wood chip boiler can be heated with wood chip and firewod (logwood).
The high-performance boiler is produced as a stress-free welded construction. The heat insulated front door opens outwards. The cleaning of the boiler is performed fully automatically...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - SPK 15 / 49

Equipped with catalytic converter and bypass valve the firewood boiler works on the principle of top combustion. The large combustion chamber is designed so that each type of boiler can burn firewood lengths of up to 53 or 63 cm.
Because of the bypass valve a fast pre-heating is ensured and prevents poisoning of the catalyst. The flue gas is distributed evenly through additional turbolators....

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - BURNIT PYROBURN

A highly-efficient wood gasifying boiler, designed for economical and ecological heating of bigger houses and industrial spaces. The PyroBurn boiler...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - BURNIT WBS

Steel wood-fired boilers WBS range in nominal output from 20 to 110 kW to satisfy the heating demands of medium to large sized spaces. They are engineered for burning solid fuel and provide the option for fitting pellet, oil or gas-fired burners.

Product Features

* Simple installation and handling

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - BURNIT WBS ACTIVE

Steel boiler with intelligent controller and electric fan for forced air feed. Wood-fired...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - ZYKLOTRONIC

An overview of the advantages:
Large volume of up to 250 litres
Self-adjusting doors,...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - NOVATRONIC

All of the Schmid products detailed below come with the guarantee of proven quality. All...

wood-burning boiler / floor-mounted / log-burning - KERATRONIC

All of the Schmid products detailed below come with the guarantee of proven quality. All...

wood-burning boiler / chip - LIGNUMAT UTSL

An overview of the advantages:
Automatic de-ash...

wood-burning boiler / chip - LIGNUMAT UTSS

All of the Schmid products detailed below come with the guarantee of proven quality. All...


How to choose this product


A wood-burning boiler uses logs, pellets, chips or granules of wood to fire a central hot-water heating system. Some models also provide hot water for washing or are incorporated into a kitchen stove. Many such units require separate fuel storage space.


These appliances include a firebox, where combustion takes place, a heat exchanger for heating the water and, in some cases, a fuel storage compartment. Other types feature low-temperature operation, condensation heating and multi-fuel options (e.g., wood and heating oil).

How to choose

Choice depends on capacity and installation type (wall-mounted, freestanding, corner, built-in). Condensation and low-temperature models offer economic and environmental advantages.


- Saves energy


- Requires wood storage area

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