Commercial infrared heaters

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Thanks to its limited dimensions, its pleasant look and simple fastening and orienting elements, SUNRAD emitters...


Heating outdoor and cold areas has just become much simpler and effective as a result of a major breakthrough in heater technology.

Air is constantly moving, making conventional...


Designed to offer the ultimate in style and functionality, it uses "real flame" patented technology to provide heat and ambient lighting for an area of up to 25 square metres, giving up to twice...


Why ALF30?

The single element ALF30 is the perfect heater where minimal mounting heights are available.
156cm in length, it is the biggest medium wave infrared heater on the market.
Available in either our patented tubular quartz element or our exclusive directional quartz element where pure gold is applied to one side of the tube. This micro-thin shield is approximately...

Why ALF50?

The Alfresco Heaters 5kW dual element ALF50 is a high-powered unit that provides a more concentrated heat and is a perfect solution where a smaller heater is required.
Twin element heaters can be wired individually allowing operation in a single or dual element mode. This gives added flexibility and allows running costs to be further reduced when the weather...

Why ALF80?

The Alfresco Heaters 8kW dual element ALF80 is the most powerful heater of the Alfresco range and requires a minimum 3M mounting height.
This heater is ideal where larger areas or commercial projects need to be heated, such as warehouses, aircraft hangars and is also perfect for ski resorts.
Twin element heaters can be wired individually allowing operation...


RADIALIGHT presents THERMO,the brand new range of radiant ceiling panels designed to be the best solution in places where there is a need for high capacity heating, such as:
Industrial: factory buildings, warehouses
Commercial: offices, shops, points of sale, and trade fair pavilions
Sports: gyms, and multi-purpose centres
They can be used to heat a room completely or to create...


Cosy heat from the power outlet for work and free time

The REMKO EST electrical infrared radiator is perfectly suited for work in building carcasses if individual workers, such as painters, wall-paperers, and especially...


The Tansun Beaver is a light yet robust portable heater offers flexibility when emergency or ‘spot’ heating is required. This heater delivers 3kw...


Bench heater for good heating comfort in churches etc.

Bench heater SH is...


Modern industrial look and feel accompanied with raw heating power. The patented direct ignition and ionization systems, never before seen on an outdoor gas radiant heater, ensure a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds of up to 8mph.



Cozy Heat, Soft Glow Elements emit a low intensity glow designed to add a subtle ambience to any outdoor environment.

Traditional Aesthetics Black matte finish with an elongated design to provide a larger and wider heat area.



Portable panels are built to withstand rigors of industrial and heavy-commercial applications,
such as auto collision repair shops.
20 gauge Steel frame, base, and housing construction.
3 Steel casters for high stability and ease of mobility

Double side wall housings to reduce operating temperatures.
6.0 and 13.5KW heaters have double top baffles...


The craftman's friend. Professional mobile stand device,...

The craftman's friend. Professional mobile stand device,...


Direct heat flow with no movement of air
Low noise level
Dedicated MB2 burner with components that meet EU standards (see page 12)
Geared fuel pump
Electronic flame control with photo resistance...

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