wood heating stove / contemporary / metal / soapstone
4660 by Henrik Sørig Thomsen & Tobias Jacobsen HWAM Intelligent Heat AS



  • Power source:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    metal, soapstone, sandstone

  • Heat output:

    7,000 W, 8,000 W (23,884.98 BTU/h)


A wood-burning stove that will fit into any home thanks to its unique design…
This model is a variant of HWAM’s new series of wood-burning stoves, HWAM 4600. If you are looking for a wood-burning stove that offers an even better view of the flames and at the same time radiates elegance and humility for your interior design, then the 4660 model may be the right one for you. With the optional installation of heat-storing stone, the heat is radiated evenly over a period of several hours.

HWAM 4660c - modern classic side hinged door.
HWAM 4660m - classic side hinged door.
HWAM 4660c - with soapstone or sandstone cover
HWAM 4660m - with soapstone or sandstone cover

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