inverter station for photovoltaic applications



  • Options:

    for photovoltaic applications

  • Power:

    Min.: 4,920 kVA (6,689 hp)

    Max.: 4,920 kVA (6,689 hp)


Thanks to its CSC approval for overseas shipment, the INGECON® SUN PowerStation CON40 can be marketed and installed everywhere in the world. It is a fully equipped 40 ft. container with four separate compartments, equipped with central inverters, MV switchgear and LV/MV transformer.

The INGECON® SUN PowerStation CON40 is a standard solutions specifically designed to maximise the compactness and cost-effectiveness of the overall equipment. Thus, the transformer is naturally air-cooled, as it is located in an outdoor compartment. The switchgear and communications panels are installed in an IP55 compartment to ensure their maximum protection. The sandwich panels of this compartment are made of galvanized painted steel, filled with a 50 mm layer of rigid fire-proof polyurethane foam, ensuring perfect waterproofness over time and effi cient thermal insulation.

Equipped with everything necessary: High effi ciency inverters, auxiliary services switchgear, MV cubicle and LV/MV transformer. Available with high-speed Ethernet / Fiber Optic communication infrastructure for direct connection to Power Plant Controller, monitoring and SCADA systems.

Thanks to its innovative design, all devices are readily accessible. The use of outdoor central inverters provides full access and the possibility of maintenance for all the equipment from the external part of the inverter station. The transformer compartment door is equipped with a safety lock with a blocking code.

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