PV inverter / single-phase / with built-in battery



  • Power source:


  • Phase:


  • Options and accessories:

    with built-in battery

  • Peak power:

    Min.: 3 kW (4 hp)

    Max.: 6 kW (8 hp)


The INGECON® SUN STORAGE 1Play battery inverters are single-phase, two-way units that can either be used in off-grid systems or connected to the general supply network. The INGECON® SUN STORAGE 1Play battery inverter generates an off-grid AC network and manages the power achieving an optimum balance between production, storage and consumption.

PV Input: The INGECON® SUN STORAGE 1Play inverters incorporate a PV input. Thanks to it, a PV array with up to 11.5 kWp maximum power can be connected directly to the unit without using a solar inverter.

Featuring an advanced battery management technology, it ensures the maximum life of the storage system, by controlling constantly the battery temperature using a three-wire PT100 sensor. In case of need, it connects and controls an auxiliary generator.

Thanks to its auxiliary AC input, the grid or a back-up diesel generator can be connected to the inverter. It is possible to start-up the inverter by using this input in order to charge the batteries.

This inverter is fully compatible with INGECON® SUN PV inverters. Furthermore, the scale of the system created and managed by the INGECON® SUN STORAGE 1Play TL can be increased through the parallel connection of grid connected inverters to the AC grid.

Optionally, the inverter can integrate an energy management system (INGECON® EMS Board or INGECON® EMS Manager). The EMS Board can be integrated inside the inverter. It enables some more advanced features, like peak shaving. Additionally, the INGECON® EMS Manager offers load control possibilities.

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