stone decorative panel / wall-mounted / for interior / wall



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    wall-mounted, for interior, wall

  • Technical characteristics:


  • Thickness:

    12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm


Interior sintered stone wall cladding made of Lapitec® is the perfect choice to combine a modern aesthetic with functionality that every surface needs. High resistance to scratching, impact and abrasion combined with ease of cleaning, makes Lapitec® slabs very versatile: ideal for interior wall cladding and inner surfaces of private residences and commercial buildings.
Contemporary colours and natural finishes are available for every kind of application.

Interior wall cladding
Lapitec® slabs are the perfect solution for interior wall cladding, doors, vertical and horizontal surfaces, with a modern and functional taste. Lapitec® sintered stone slabs are ideal both for covering very large areas and architectures with custom design, offering a cladding solution with inconspicuous seams.
Architects and designers will find in Lapitec® an innovative material, natural, versatile and eternal, a perfect example of Italian style.

Interior stair cladding
Resistance to scratches and deep abrasion makes sintered stone slabs perfect for interior stair cladding, combining the non-slip property of coarse surface textures.
Lapitec® slabs ensure modern and elegant designs thanks to a wide range of colours and textures, from roughness of “Fossil” and “Vesuvio” to silky sheen of “Satin” and “Lux”.