Wall-mounted panels

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cover panel / Dekton® / wall-mounted
cover panel

Natural Collection Inspired by the Calacatta Gold marble. Realism and naturalness are breathed between the random shapes that draw their golden veins. Thicknesses DEKTON comes in five different thicknesses, depending on application ...

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cover panel / Dekton® / wall-mounted / aged
cover panel

Natural Collection There is nothing so natural as the veins and spots that are drawn on this material on a darkened gray background. They give it an aged and old look typical of fossilized pieces. Thicknesses DEKTON comes in five ...

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cover panel / Dekton® / wall-mounted / matte
cover panel

Its matte satin finish and the naturalness of its tones evoke one of the most classic natural stones, quartzite. Dekton® Natural Collection, a series that reflects Cosentino's desire to emulate the best of what Nature offers and the ...

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cover panel / anodized aluminum / wall-mounted / building
cover panel

... the centrality of the courtyard, making it the occasion for a contemporary “doubleface” graft...The ground floor cladding in gilded metal panels creates an unexpected treasure chest."

cover panel / ceramic / for partition walls / wall-mounted
cover panel

Thickness: 5.6, 20 mm
Width: 1,000 mm
Length: 3,000 mm

Just like one of the oldest and finest fabrics, the Seta series represents the same glossy sheen as silk to clad both indoor and outdoor furnishings and environments with style.The colours making up the range liaise with one another with ...

cover panel / vinyl / leather / wall-mounted
cover panel

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 1,200 mm
Length: 2,500 mm

Vinyl leather panel Design: Soft nappa-finish High-quality vinyl leather with soft nappa-finish and classic leather grain. Material-No./Colors:SO-1090/kiesel SO-0646/white SO-1091/fango SO-0643/black SO-0679/choko Size ...

cover panel / laminate / wall-mounted / 3D
cover panel

Oberflex collections laminated on MDF or particle board. Specific format, perforations, machining and fire classification upon request

cover panel / construction / aluminum / wall-mounted
cover panel

Thickness: 1 mm - 16 mm
Width: 1,500, 2,000 mm
Length: 3,000, 4,000 mm

... colors of the RAL and SABLE catalogues mate or brilliant brushed stainless steel finish interior screens wall cladding light walls ceilings ... exterior cladding/façades sculptural ...

wood panel / construction / cover / wall-mounted
wood panel

Thickness: 19 mm
Width: 2,050, 1,250 mm
Length: 2,500, 2,990, 5,000 mm

... like 3-layer panels, MDF-, chipboard- or plywood panels. All reclaimed wood decors are available as solid wood beams, as tongue- & groove panels and as real wood veneer. All 3-layer ...

construction panel / laminate / wood / wall
construction panel

Thickness: 220 mm - 550 mm
Width: 1 m - 2 m
Length: 6 m - 12 m

... fully compatible with other building materials. CLT is suitable for internal and external walls and for ceilings and roofs. The complete finished pre-cut CLT panels are delivered by truck ...

furniture panel / cover / bamboo / for interior
furniture panel

Thickness: 7 mm - 40 mm
Width: 700, 1,220, 620 mm
Length: 3,000, 4,000, 3,100, 2,440 mm

MOSO® solid panel is a visually appealing board product that consists of multiple layers of bamboo. Multiple variations It is available in multiple variations with respect to size, thickness, configuration, ...

cover panel / resin / glass / composite
cover panel

Effepimarmi is synonimous of versatility. Our greatest strength is the ability to personalize the product on the textures of the panels, on the sizes and on the colors that can be selected from the large range of NCS, ...

cover panel / aluminum / wall / wall
cover panel

Width: 900 mm - 2,075 mm
Length: 900 mm - 2,875 mm

LOUVRE PANELLouvre panel allows ventilation A louvre can be used in a fixed VELFAC 200 System panel or an opening VELFAC 500 System door to allow ventilation to a room or space behind e.g. computer server ...

screening panel / aluminum / for interior / wall-mounted
screening panel

Architectural artistic tree pattern laser cut aluminum screen panel Minimum Order Quantity: 80square meters Price: USD30-USD100/Sq.m Packaging Details: Export packing plywood cases metal cases protect film+ bubble film ...

cover panel / construction / composite / wall-mounted
cover panel

... manufactured in a controlled process to ensure consistent quality and is suitable for interior roof and wall liner trays, cassette systems and sandwich panels in dry and unpolluted environments. Colorcoat® ...

cover panel / construction / aluminum / for false ceilings
cover panel

Anti-Bacterial Best protection against bacterial contamination. The Anti-Bacterial coating is added to the paint’s composition and acts like a barrier against germs and bacteria. Provides a hostile environment for bacteria ...

cover panel / galvanized steel / cement / wall-mounted
cover panel

Thickness: 9.4 mm
Width: 1,200 mm
Length: 3,050 mm

a3 CeramicSteel Panel made with cement bonded particle board, galvanized steel backer and an unfinished edge. 9 mm total thickness.

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fiber-reinforced concrete panel / construction / cover / wall-mounted
fiber-reinforced concrete panel

Description PermaBase BRAND Flex® Cement Board is a polymer-modified cement board reinforced with an alkali resistant fiber mesh ideal for use around ceilings, beams, columns, arches and archways, ...

fiberglass panel / wall-mounted / smooth / high-density
fiberglass panel

Decoustics Stria acoustic wall panel is a decorative panel that can incorporate graphics and logos. Stria panels are constructed from a medium density fiberglass core ...

PMMA panel / furniture / cover / construction
PMMA panel

Bright clarity, excellent transparency and easy to thermoform. The PLAZCRYL sheets provide long-life UV resistant products for a broad range of applications. Sheets are produced according to ISO 7823-2:2003 standard. BENEFITS Highly ...

construction panel / particle board / for interior / wall
construction panel

Thickness: 10, 12, 19, 16, 18 mm
Width: 1,196 mm
Length: 2,800 mm

... verge management. Applications Exterior wall element Racking board Available fire reaction classes B-s2-d0 Available sizes 1196x2800 mm Fire-retardant and moisture-resistant construction ...

wood panel / HPL / melamine / for furniture
wood panel

... texture of its surface.In line with the Minimum 1. Today. philosophy, for each decoration we stock three thicknesses of MELAMINE panel, HPL and two widths of ABS edging.

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plastic panel / PVC / for interior / wall-mounted
plastic panel

Thickness: 1 mm - 19 mm
Width: 1,220, 1,000, 500 mm
Length: 3,050, 2,000, 1,000 mm

... true synthetic wood, it has multiple applications in industry, advertising and interior decoration. Uses Partitions Communication, signs, display stands Decoration, framing Bath panels, shower ...

PVC panel / laminate / wall-mounted / matte
PVC panel

... absorb water, which makes them the ideal bathroom ceiling and bathroom or shower wall panel. Obviously, all other areas around the house can also be clad easily with our paneling. Dumapan ...

resin panel / fiberglass / wall-mounted / wall
resin panel

Thickness: 7 mm - 12 mm
Width: 300 cm
Length: 130 cm

... innovative use of materials, minimum weight and stand-alone systems... The result is a light, easily mountable and functional wall, in addition a visual feast.

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cover panel / glass / wall-mounted / for interior
cover panel

“Interference” wall panel is a unique development of the + Object designer team. The panel astonishes us not only by its appearances, but its universality as well. The waves create an ...

cover panel / fabric / wall-mounted / for ceilings
cover panel

Our new product group BACKLIGHT tex offers solutions for especially large or uniquely shaped illuminated surfaces and ceilings. In order to achieve an excellent illumination level the light is not introduced via the edge but by means ...