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studded geotextile / non-woven / for drainage / green roof
studded geotextile

Studded foundation foil made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) characterized by parallel dimple pattern, heatbonded with geotextile and foil. Extremely resistant to compression. Dimples ensure proper ventilation while the filtering ...

plastic green wall system kit / modular
plastic green wall system kit

To complete the system, water must be pumped into the panels via a simple irrigation system. You can supply these components yourself, or Modiwall can supply them as well.

green roof kit
green roof kit

The lowest cost GrufeTile option. Your GrufeTile will be supplied with wildflower seeds pre-germinated depending on the season. In spring and summer your brown wildflower roof will burst into colour with flowers blooming. Local plant ...

green wall system kit with automatic watering
green wall system kit with automatic watering

The Supragarden system kit with all the technology and modular parts to start vertical garden and hydroponic green wall. Select the Kit of your colour choice and your local country standard for electricity. Then You only need plant ...

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garden sod
garden sod

Any design that designer wants to express enhance the space with eco-friendly can be custom made. With our custom make Scandiamoss product can express various types of pattern, shape, and curve without any limit.

green wall system kit
green wall system kit

Part 1: The Pod The home and heart of your greenwall. The Pod hooks easily to the SkALE plate, (or weldmesh, fishnets and lattice, the possibilities are limitless), and drains from one Pod to another cohesively. They also stand-alone ...

studded drainage membrane / green roof drainage
studded drainage membrane

The modern solution against extreme urbanization DRAINROOF is an indispensable aid for the construction of roof gardens in complete safety without the risk of damaging the roof waterproofing.

protection waterproofing membrane / green roof / roll / with vapor barrier
protection waterproofing membrane

Rhepanol hg means waterproofing and root penetration protection in a single membrane. It is used for high-quality roofing combined with extensive or intensive vegetation. The durability of the roofing membrane results from the strong ...

green roof waterproofing membrane / roll / bituminous / polyester
green roof waterproofing membrane

BTM Botanik is a polyester felt-reinforced waterproofing membrane made of bitumen modified by SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene), resistant to plant roots, coated with PE (polyethylene) film on the upper and lower surfaces, having a high ...

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green roof waterproofing membrane / high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
green roof waterproofing membrane
ND TGF-20 Separation and Slim Film

This high-quality plastic film prevents XPS insulation in an inverted roof / ND Drainage System from sticking to the waterproofing membrane. The film is applied in two layers, creating a separation and slip layer. The film is laid loosely ...

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green roof waterproofing membrane / roll / bituminous
green roof waterproofing membrane

DERBIGUM AR (SP & GC) has got the same composition as DERBIGUM SP & GC. Anti-root chemicals are added in the blend to make it resistant to roots allowing it to be safely used under green roofs or DERBISEDUM complexes.

green roof waterproofing membrane / self-adhesive / synthetic / bituminous
green roof waterproofing membrane

Zero product failures in over 50 years, the Hydrotech hot-melt system offers lifetime performance The Hydrotech MM6125 hot melt system provides seamless waterproofing ideal for high performance green roofs, podiums and highly detailed ...

green roof drainage membrane
green roof drainage membrane

drainage waterproofing membrane / flat roof / green roof / roll
drainage waterproofing membrane

Double cuspated, deck and flat roof drainage membrane, that incorporates a non-woven geotextile filter layer, bonded to a water impermeable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) core. The unique double cuspated design provides two layers of ...

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John Newton & Co Ltd
modular green wall system kit / decorative
modular green wall system kit

green roof edge / for landscaping / concrete / linear
green roof edge

Hanover® RockCurb® for roof applications has become an integral part of green building projects, helping to earn Sustainable Sites Credits and achieve LEED points. Working hand in hand with green roof assemblies to provide environmental ...