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dual-flow ventilation unit / heat-recovery / centralized / residential



  • Type:

    centralized, heat-recovery, dual-flow

  • Sector:


  • Applications:

    for collective housing

  • Options:


  • Air flow:

    Min.: 40 m³/h (1,412.6 ft³/h)

    Max.: 310 m³/h (10,947.5 ft³/h)


Connected centralized air purification solution with heat recovery for collective dwellings managed individually and single housing.
Purified indoor air.
Connected solution controlled via the App.
Integration into a BEMS.
Ergonomic and modern design.
PassivHaus certification.
SAP PCDB listed.

3 sizes :
NEW : InspirAIR® Home SC 150.
InspirAIR® Home SC 240.
InspirAIR® Home SC 370.
3 versions :
InspirAIR® Home SC Classic.
InspirAIR® Home SC Premium.
InspirAIR® Home SC Modbus.
2 configurations : right or left.
2 assembly options : false ceiling or vertical.
Available with 4 regulation types :
Constant airflow.
Constant speed.
Variable airflow depending on the CO2 (0-10 V input).
Constant pressure (Premium version).
4 speeds : Holidays, Daily, Cook, Guests.
Connectivity :
0-10 V for indoor air quality sensor (CO2).
Modbus for Home automation.
Aldes IBus (for BCA Bus, Bahia Curve Bus…).
AldesConnect™ Smartphone App (Premium version).
Installer interface :
Classic keypad (Classic and Modbus versions).
The Heart (Premium version).
User interface :
2-speed wired remote control (push button).
3-speed wired remote control.
4-speed multi-function wired remote control.
AldesConnect™ Smartphone App (Premium version).
Filtration :
Exhaust air : 1 dust filter (as standard).
Fresh air : 1 pollen filter (Classic and Modbus versions) or 1 fine particle filter (Premium version). Available in accessory : Bacteria filter, Fine particles + VOC filter (active carbon).
Active filtration in by-pass mode.
100% by-pass (standard).