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Roof edge trim profiles, in particular, with a coloured coating or high profiles with an even or moulded front, contribute to the overall architectural impression of a façade. In addition, they also form part of the roof waterproofing.

alwitra roof edge trim profiles:
alwitra roof edge trim profiles

industrially produced ready-to-install profile series (T plus, TW 125 plus, TA, TA-4F, TAG, art-line 1) for all types of roof waterproofing (synthetic membranes or bituminous sheets)
made of aluminium, lightweight and noncorrosive, recyclable, with synthetic coating, if required
compliant with standards and directives
for straight or crescent-shaped roof edges without or with upstands (parapet)
with an even or moulded front and a front height of 80 to 1050 mm, with not accentuated or accentuated joints
with a practically proven tension-free flashing against the roof waterproofing
with ready-to-install external and internal corners and stop ends
for simple and time-saving installation
alwitra roof edge trim profiles form part of a comprehensive system for smart roof waterproofing solutions.