interior door / pivoting with offset axis / pivoting with central axis / aluminum



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  • Opening system:

    pivoting with offset axis, pivoting with central axis

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Are you looking for an eye-catcher in your interior? Then we at Anyway Doors have the ideal solution to make a unique design statement in your interior.

Anyway’ s pivoting hinges are equipped with a high-tech comfort closure, which actively works in both swing directions. These innovative hinges make it possible to tailor make a glass pivot door up to 5.5m², that feels as light as a feather. The Anyway philosophy allows the door to open in all possible directions. The hinges can pivot eccentrically or centrally (360°), as desired.

Depending on the selected model, the pivot door can be made from various types of glass. Due to the wide range available, we strongly recommend a visit to one of the showrooms to ensure that you are aware of all possible options when making your choice. Transparency and maintenance aspects are also issues to take into account when making your choice.