metal office unit / 3-drawer / on casters / key type



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    on casters, key type



The structure is made of metal and it is particularly refined: all its parts are made from mold, obtaining the best finishing. The cables can be supported by special tabs. The crankcase on which the brand ARCADIA is reproduced, is removable so that you can form a central leg where you might connect both beams. Compact has FOUR versions for its legs.

Drawers and libraries

The metallic drawers are made in metal 8/10 mm, painted as the same color of the legs and desks; they are completed with pull-out cylinder lock, central locking and anti-overturning feature. The inner part of the drawers is made of black painted metal. It is also possible to assemble individual or total locks with pull-out cylinder.
Finishes: Alluminium Grey or Black Anthracite.

The libraries have backs, thickness 14 mm, they are fixed with appropriate metallic brackets which allow to have a more resistant structure.
In the bookcases you might assemble internal or external classifiers with front panels, using the same frame and can be completed by multiple lock (pull-out cylinder) anti-overturning feature and soft system.