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reinforced concrete deck slab / for roofs



  • Material:

    reinforced concrete

  • Applications:

    for roofs


Armtec’s Ballast-Lok concrete roof slabs and locking clips provide superior wind uplift resistance for protected membrane roofing systems. The innovative Ballast-Lok concrete roofing system has been proven to withstand wind uplift pressure of 180psf (8.6Kpa), using the experimental safety factor of 1.5 as per the CSA A 123.21-10 dynamic wind test protocol.
As weather patterns become increasingly erratic, protecting flat roof decks from wind uplift is a growing concern. Over time, wind dynamics can cause fatigue in rooftop materials and lead to disastrous failures. The Ballast-Lok system provides insurance by locking down concrete roof slabs with high-performance polyethylene clips and pedestals.
The system can be used with Armtec’s white solar reflective roof pavers, which reflect the sun’s rays away from a rooftop, reducing interior heat gain and cooling loads.

Features & Benefits
Proven to withstand wind pressure of 180psf, 1.5 (safety factor)
Easy installation – lifting clamp and leverage fork increase installation speed and reduce labour
Reduces heat island effect
Lowers cooling costs and saves energy