Scandinavian design chair / upholstered / fabric / ash
MANI 4WL by Welling Ludvik



  • Style:

    Scandinavian design

  • Options:


  • Material:

    fabric, ash, polypropylene

  • Market:

    contract, for hotel, for bar, for restaurants, for public buildings


In the Nordic myths Máni is the name of the one who must cross the sky pulling the lunar carriage, and correspondent for “moon” in Icelandic. Máni brings us to the Iceland that makes no compromises, that embraces us with nature at its purest, that takes us - by subtraction - to origin and essentiality.
The extreme simplicity of the lines allows us, without distractions, to enjoy the comfort and the quality of construction. Every curve and junction are perceived in detail.
Presented at Orgatec in October 2016 as a complete seating system with polypropylene shell, today is enriched with new versions: in addition to spider and home office models, the real news for the Salone del Mobile is the long-awaited version “all wood” with a shell made in 3D wood. It can be combined to a variety of steel or solid ashwood frames, the polypropylene shell is available in seven finely selected colours and can be equipped with fixed or padded cushion, also with fabric supplied by the customer.
A professional bench is also avaiavle, with endless arrangements and suitable for any waiting area in public spaces.

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