Scandinavian design bar chair / upholstered / with footrest / velvet



  • Style:

    Scandinavian design

  • Options:

    upholstered, with footrest

  • Material:

    velvet, wool, cotton, in fire-retardant fabric, leather, ash

  • Market:

    contract, for restaurants, for hotel, for shops, for special events

  • Color:



Stool with ash frame, upholstered seat and back with flame-retardant polyurethane foam.

The backrest combines fabric and wood, which enhance each other, highlighting the perfect balance of the two materials. The fabric frames a wooden surface with a natural feel, to which the back legs are attached, defining the identity of the chair. Conceived to capture people’s gaze as they enter a space or approach a table or desk, Doc is a modern interpretation of a classic model, blending tradition and innovation.

In perfect harmony with the warm, tactile mood and the idea of comfort proposed by Arrmet for 2018 and 2019, Doc has an ash wood frame, upholstered with fire-resistant foam and coverings. Perfectly designed and proportioned, this soft, comfortable chair is unmistakably one of a kind.

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