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Integrated motorized wall mount for videoconference cameras and controls. Unveiling the camera upon request through RS-232, AH net, Infrared, contact closer and SCT Coded Control Interface when needed, and storing it away when not in use, for a safe and controlled working environment and for protection of the camera. The front enclosure moves vertically up unveiling the camera, the tray then moves the camera forward simultaneously. DynamicVision is serving the design of the videoconferencing installation by giving the System Integrator, the Architect, the interior Designer and the Space planner a superior tool to do their job. Installer The pre-installation frame is the perfect solution to take away the coordination headache between the system integrator and the architects / constructers. It can be delivered separately to be installed into the wall at any time, pointing out the placement of cables and power. Furthermore the DynamicVision helps the system integrator to easily bring and manage the cables and connectors simplifying the connectivity. Architect/Designer/Space Planner Why should modern technology be in your way and not at your side? DynamicVision provides a straight forward solution to hide the video conference camera and control, enhancing the interior with its easily adaptable front enclosure which can be covered with fabric, wallpaper and lighter, rigid materials or paint. DynamicVision conceals and reveals the video camera at the users will.

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