wooden desk / extruded aluminum / contemporary / by Konstantin Grcic



  • Material:

    wooden, extruded aluminum

  • Style:


  • Designer:

    by Konstantin Grcic

  • Length:

    240 cm, 300 cm, 360 cm (94 in)

  • Width:

    120 cm, 150 cm (47.2 in)


Grcic works thinking about the industry and makes an art of it. He has a personal style which is incomparable to any other. He’s recognised for his functional designs and simplicity, though only in appearance because hidden behind every approach is found a lesson in technique. The Bachmann Cable Management system has an open-close anodised aluminium lid, permitting access to the inside from any point of the table. Included are power sockets, network and VGA + stereo connections.

Extruded aluminium top with Scotch polishing and anodized silver. The top can be covered in simulated oak or coloured laminate: white, grey or black. There are two types of legs for the electrified table: stainless steel rod or in oak-coloured solid ash.

120 x 180 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 240 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 300 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 360 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 400 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 500 x h. 73,5 cm.

Year: 2009