wood-burning fireplace insert



  • Energy source:


  • Heat output:

    10,000 W (34,121.4 BTU/h)


Inserts "Llama Cristal" 70, 80 and 100 is the ideal solution for your home.
Safe, convenient, silent and ecological, that allow to heat very large areas in very short time spans.
Wood Insert with modern design; interior in Vermiculita.
Power: 10 Kw. Performance 79 %
Foreseen of system of Ventilation forced with one turbines tangential of
double body silent of up to 220 m3. 2 speeds and safety thermostat.
Predisposed of 2 exits to canalize warm air to adjacent stays.
Air inlets: primary, secondary and tertiary.
Door with security lock.

Accessories Optional:
* Interior coating in Blackeram (black Ceramics) or black Steel.
*Marco hub cap with completion in Black Steel or Stainless Steel.
*Regulador day pupil for system of ventilation.