solid concrete block / for retaining walls / for fencing / for partition walls



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for retaining walls, for fencing, for partition walls

  • Technical characteristics:

    high-resistance, acoustic

  • Options:

    stone look


Manufactured by computer-controlled and automated concrete block press, using semi-dry press technology. For coloured units; pigmentation is added during batching resulting in a “through colour”


Bridge abutments
Retaining walls
Separating walls
Acoustic screens
Vertical surrounding walls
Maritime docks and sea walls
Dykes and embankments


Elements assembled completely dry, except for the foundation
Blocking full thanks to patented system of multiple notches, providing great resistance
Possibility of several angles of inclination
Curves can be formed without cutting
Suited to installation on confined sites with difficult access for mechanised plant
Laid with or without geo-grid according to the parameters of the project
Tools Required: lump hammer, brick bolster, line, spirit level, tape measure