manual turntable / belt-driven / 45 / 33



  • Arm type:


  • Drive system:


  • Rotation speed:

    33, 45

  • Options:



Half a century of uniqueness, told by a smile that was born on the first day. Created in 1965 by designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the Radiofonografo is a superb work of modern industrial design, thanks to both its incomparable style and sound. Exuding retro charm, along with incredible sonic definition and the ability to orient and move the sound modules to best suit the surrounding environment, this system creates a listening experience both stimulating and intriguing.

Today, the radiofonografo rr226 is re-born: with only the radio and turntable like the original of the 1965. A deserved tribute to one of the most iconic and desired objects of Italian industrial design. With its unique style and sound, this wonderful product is desired by collectors, musicians and famous artists all over the world, to be part of their personal and private collections.

Radiofonogrado rr226, continues to surprise and please, thanks to the materials provided by the original design. This unit continues to be made in Italy and is available in white with inserts in tobacco or orange.

Radiofongrafo rr226 is produced on request and each piece is unique to itself and different from the others. The lead time is 4 weeks from the moment of the order

100 years of Achille Castiglioni
original cabinet design, always handmade - one by one, at the same price but with an added value: the tribute to an extraordinary person that - together with his brother Piergiacomo - has contributed to creating a culture and a method in industrial design, as well as Italy's supremacy in this field.