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outdoor green wall / modular

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outdoor green wall / modular outdoor green wall / modular - CARPENTERS


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With temperatures ranging from +30 o C in the summer to -30 o C in the winter, this 100% mineral Living Wall had to be designed to perform year-round. Butong was chosen to improve the overall impression in the cold season.

The panel is translucent and can be back lit. Back lit panels add a quality to the dark season when you
can´t expect much Green on a wall in Sweden. Plants were selected, nursed and planted by plant expert
Peter Korn. All selected plants spread through root-shoots, for the growth to expand naturally, and had to
fulfil at least one other criteria: Being Winter-Green or having foliage that disappears in winter or having
long periods of flowering. For 9-10 months/year at least one species in the wall will be flowering.

Each panel has a smooth 3D shape for the wall to imitate rocks of the Archipelago. The theory being that a
more nature like look create greater understanding for a more random coverage of plants. All though the
red copper tint of the panels was chosen to contrast nicely with the green of the plants, the 3D aspect
makes it natural enough to periodically have barren parts on the wall.