wall-mounted display panel / indoor / luminous / LED
PH 01



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    luminous, LED

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True design is that which serves a purpose, brilliant ideas that improve life concealed in an apparently simple object.
Under that premise was created the Visual PH range by Unica: LED illuminated frames with decorative or simple profiles encompassing all of the technology needed to enhance shapes and colours. To complete all this the Spring-fit system, an innovative and speed replacement of images system which afford to change the panel image by a push of the hand.
The light passes through the image, adding depth and luminosity, transforming it into a splendid decorative picture. Attention to detail and Italian production quality combine with the emotional richness of colour enhanced by a light that is unique in the world.
PH backlit panels are also available in a compact tabletop version with a rear support in aluminium. Versatile tool for dynamic communication in commercial spaces.

Technical Details:

Slimline panel, just 45 mm thick, with LED
backlighting, integrated power supply unit
and pre-fitted wall hook. Equipped with the
exclusive Spring-fit system, offering an easy
solution for image replacement. Standard and
made-to-measure sizes. Easy to install.
Ideal for store display communication .
Perfect to create evocative atmospheres in
residential spaces too.
Crush proof structure in anodised aluminium
Side on/off switch integrated into the profile
No external transformer required
Easy to install
Replaceable image (Spring-fit system)
High-resolution print on backlit film (post sales service available too)
Low energy consumption

Product Dimensions:

WEIGHT (Kg): 16
HEIGHT (cm): 103.5
WIDTH (cm): 73.5
DEPTH (cm): 4.5