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fixing adhesive mortar / jointing / smoothing / assembly



  • Type:

    fixing, jointing, smoothing, assembly, adhesive, restoration

  • Mortar applications:

    for tiles, for flooring screed, for concrete, for external thermal insulation, for masonry, for aerated concrete, paving

  • Other characteristics:

    cement, insulating, powder, light, adhesive, mineral, thin-layer, hydraulic, fiber-reinforced


The products of Team Cemento Cerato, have a high technological and environmental content, can be used, as well as in the construction sector, also in other areas of production, such as construction, restoration, furniture, shipbuilding ... and much more. From the products, based on patented innovative technologies, the approach to Problem Solving that distinguishes us, has led us also to the creation and implementation of specific systems and virtuous solutions of Circular Economy.

A new life in recycled materials and at the end of the cycle, a new way of building, in which research and technological innovation are put at the service of personal health and the environment, developing an increasingly broad concept of "Smart and Better" Living & Environment ".

Our Goals

Circular Economy
Recycling and reuse, respecting the environment, are the challenge of tomorrow and a due action. We need to find an intelligent way of rethinking our lifestyle, looking for alternative solutions to the legacy of waste in industrialized societies. Systemic philosophy is based on the creation of a virtuous process of Circular Economy, including production, consumption, recycling and reuse, thus allowing to abandon the current linear economic model.

Products with high added value
The Team Cemento Cerato system has succeeded in transforming an environmental problem into a benefit, creating high quality products with certified characteristics, extremely competitive in terms of performance and durability.