protective coating / finishing / decorative / indoor



  • Function:

    decorative, protective, finishing

  • Location:


  • Type of support:

    for walls, for concrete, for wood, floor

  • Component:

    lime-based, natural

  • Appearance:

    waxed concrete look

  • Finish:


  • Options:

    water-repellent, natural, VOC-free, for wet rooms


Creatina, a coating with a wide variety of finishes, very soft to the touch, has a matchless classical beauty. It provides the most versatile solution for decorating or giving a completely new elegant look to walls, floors, showers and pieces of furniture.

The advantages of the Creatina limestone coating:

Natural VOC-free coating based on powdered limestone
Endless possibilities for finishing textures and colours
Easy to apply with roller, brush or spatula
For use on any substrate, even flexible ones
May be rendered stain-resistant and waterproof
Can be used on top of tiled surfaces and in showers