solar control glass panel / for facade / transparent



  • Type:

    solar control

  • Applications:

    for facade

  • Other characteristics:



Solar Control Reflective Glazing
STOPSOL is a reflective glazing in which one side of the glass surface is covered with a thin metal oxide by an on line method called pyrolytic process.
STOPSOL glass offers very good solar protection by reflecting the solar heat from the sun. It has a strong resistance to pollution due to its coating which is embedded in the glass during the coating process. The reflection of light will also enhance the privacy.
STOPSOL is available in 3 types of coatings:
• STOPSOL Supersilver with a silverish appearance
• STOPSOL Classic with an amber reflection
• STOPSOL SilverLight with a bluish outlook
Appearance of the glass will depend very much on 3 factors:
• Color of the substrate
• Thickness and compositions of the glass used
• Type and positioning of the coating
The tint gives its best effect when the coating is installed in position 2. However, thermal treatment such as tempering or heat strengthening should be considered as energy absorption will be slightly higher.
· Windows and doors
· Exterior façade for commercial and residential buildings
· Interior applications for furniture and partitions
· Enclosures and lifts