double-glazed glass panel / insulating / low-e / sun protection



  • Type:

    double-glazed, insulating, low-e, sun protection

  • Applications:

    for windows

  • Other characteristics:



Clear Glass Solutions supply Insulated glass units for glass facades, commercial windows and residential homes.
Clear Glass Solutions manufacturing facility has current AS/NZ 4666 and AS/NZ2208 standards
Our manufacturing facility has been audited by facade engineers Aurecon, Meinhards and Arups .
Double Glazed Units – Insulated Glass Units
IGU’s can comprise all of our glass types and any combination of glass can be used. This includes our pyroltic low-e glass and switchable glass.
Double Glazing is two sheets of glass that are sealed together to create a single glazed piece with an air space in between them that help trap heat between the two panes. The air pocket essentially acts as an insulating barrier thereby improving the energy efficiency of the window.