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automatic shade sail / commercial / rectangular / square



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    rectangular, square, lozenge


Sail Shade with a self-supporting standardized structure consisting of four wall-mounted poles or brackets without wind bracing.
Consists of two triangular sails that roll up onto an anodized aluminium profile.
Produced in 113 different models with side lengths that vary from 4 x 3 m up to a maximum of 8 x 8 m.
The structure and sails can be square, rectangular or diamond shaped, with 90° corners.
Made in Dacron®, the shade sails open and close thanks to a motor inside the roller profile and are operated via remote control or manually, in the event of a blackout.
The motorized version is fitted with a wind gauge, which automatically closes the sail in the event of strong wind.
Maestrale is also available in a manual-operated version.