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automatic shade sail / square / polyester



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Defense is a nautical shade sail available in freestanding and wallmounted
versions, made of stainless steel and equipped with an
adjustable sail.
The structure is actually composed of two sails that are wound on a horizontal bar. The freestanding version is supported by a uniquely designed pole with a matt finish.
On the other hand, the wall-mounted version of Defense uses a stainless steel bracket with a minimum footprint that makes it possible to combine multiple sails to create highly suggestive compositions.
Defense wraps in just a few seconds either by remote control or manually. When motorised, the sail is equipped with a wind sensor to trigger automatic closure in case of strong wind.
The freestanding version of the sail can be rotated 360°, the wall-mounted version 90°.
In both versions, the standard canvas is made of Dacron®, a woven polyester of nautical
origin (subjected to a protective treatment against UV rays) with horizontal panels for
extremely clean lines.
The nautical world and Defense are one and the same. Structure, materials, finishes, design: from the sea we have borrowed the technology used on sailboats to create the perfect shade for any outdoor space.
Defense is available in two different sizes: 290 x 290 cm (Model 11) and 340 x 340 cm (Model 14).
For its unique look, Defense has been listed among the 100 most representative objects of the Made in Italy design.