anti-mold paint / decorative / insulating / for walls



  • Function:

    decorative, insulating

  • Applications:

    for walls

  • Location:

    for indoor use

  • Component:


  • Options:

    anti-condensation, anti-mold, water-repellent


Anti-mold and anti-condensation paint for cold and wrongly insulated surfaces.

White coating, latex-based, with particular mineral powders that, thanks to their insulating features, keeps the surfaces warmer, eliminating any thermal bridge. There is a +5°C difference between a surface treated with C.W.C. - Stop Condense and the one treated with a traditional paint. These extra heat degrees also prevent the air from condensing onto the wall, even if there is a relative humidity inside the room (up to 90%), eliminating in this way the formation of condense and therefore also mould.

Key benefits

Do it yourself
Easy and quick application
Cheap solution
Sanitation of living spaces
It can be painted-over with water based paint
Phisical definitive solution (not chemical neither toxic)
Solvent free