urban lamppost / contemporary / galvanized steel / COR-TEN® steel
KANYA by Miquel Roig, Olga Tarrasó & Jordi Henrich



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  • Material:

    galvanized steel, COR-TEN® steel

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The Kanya column series is designed for lighting large areas, and in particular, areas defined by their status as city limits and large public areas. Formed by columns with a truncated cone cross section, and with a slight inclination of 85° and a variable height, and fitted with a support and cable exit compatible with any circular projector anchored with bow shackles, and with a variable number depending on their height.

Originally designed as lighting for the beaches along the sea front in the city of Barcelona, following their transformation into public areas. The reference that evokes thin fishing rods driven into the sand and leaning towards the sea served as a basis for inspiration when they were first installed along the edges of the beaches of Barcelona.

Supplied in different heights of 15, 12 and 10 metres and fitted with 6, 4 and 3 standard projector supports, respectively. The Kanya collection also includes a vertical column of 18 metres made in two sections. A lower one of 11.40 metres and an upper one of 6.6 metres. The latter is supplied with 6 projector supports laid out in a spiral staircase arrangement.

Materials: Galvanized steel Galvanised steel coated in Cor-ten effect Cor-ten steel