urban lamppost / contemporary / galvanized steel / COR-TEN® steel



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  • Style:


  • Material:

    galvanized steel, COR-TEN® steel

  • Light source:



Ful is a street light series with a conical section and variable curvature, providing considerable freedom to optimise their orientation and create a formal result in apparent movement. The tree-like composition of this series enhances its integration into both vegetated and urban environments.

The superimposition of small projectors is in contrast to the pronounced height of the columns. This accentuated distance between the user on the ground and the multiple light points of the lamps evokes the sensation of walking beneath the light of the stars.

Supplied in heights of 12, 10, 7, 5 and 4 metres, and fitted with 5 to 1 projector supports and cable exits compatible with any circular projector anchored with bow shackles. Columns with a truncated cone cross section made from Cor-ten steel, galvanised steel. Must be unloaded and handled with slings. Anchored with a base plate and four threaded bolts to a concrete foundation with the recommended generic dimensions.

Materials: Galvanized steel Galvanised steel coated in Cor-ten effect Cor-ten steel