fixed partition / wooden / glazed / aluminum



  • Type:


  • Material:

    wooden, glazed, aluminum

  • Applications:

    professional, for offices, for open space

  • Other characteristics:



With the new 3 - 6 - 9 Partitions System, Estel has created a unique solution for Aesthetics, Functionality and Sound Insulation. The use of glazed partitions is appreciated for its transparency, whereas privacy is granted by the use of wooden panels both for Executive areas and Workstations; 3 - 6 - 9 Partitions are suitable for Meeting Rooms and Training Rooms as well. A useful and easy-to-handle System, for Space Planners, Facility Managers and Architects.
The “3” single-glass (W 32 mm (11/4”)) meets soundproofing requirements of up to 36 decibels at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing the same functions as the 6 and 9 partitions’ design system.
Partition “6” double-glass (W 64mm (21/2”)) increases acoustic performances and reaches the highest aesthetic level, thanks to the 64 mm-thick profiles.
Partition “9” meets the most advanced acoustic insulation requirements and allows an excellent integration of sophisticated technical elements such as sliding doors within the wall thickness (W 93mm (35⁄8”)).
The three groups are coherent in technical, architectonical and finishing details, giving to projects the necessary design uniformity. They can be used at the same time, one aside the other, without interruption, maintaining internal and external coplanarity, depending on design requirements. They are also integrated with the equipped walls (46cm depth) for use as a wardrobe or container.