wooden wall bars / Swedish / for seniors



  • Material:


  • Options:

    Swedish, for seniors

  • width:

    Max.: 78 cm (31 in)

    Min.: 78 cm (31 in)

  • Height:

    220 cm (87 in)


For 200 years, Swedish Wall Bars have been one of the best tools for bodyweight and gymnastic training. That’s no more true than it is today, with the TROLLSTIGEN.
• Tradition, redesigned for function and beauty you don’t need to hide
• Sustainable Baltic wood, ethical Finnish production
• Near endless options for developing mobility and strength
• Perfect for kids — a flawless combination of exercise and play

If you’re looking to make home fitness a centerpiece in your home, look no further. The TROLLSTIGEN has something to offer for every trainee, from beginners to heavyweight athletes and gymnasts:
• Perform chin ups and pull ups comfortably with FitWood’s extended top rings
• Hanging abdominal exercises
• Dips
• Muscle ups (if ceiling height allows)
• Human flags
• Stretching and mobility
Turn screen time into Bars time on days when the park isn’t an option. There’s never been a better way for your child to have a blast while building coordination and strength — all within the comfort of your home.

The TROLLSTIGEN addresses two major problems found in traditional Wall Bars. First, the positioning and shape of the pull-up bar: horizontal distance from the rack has been extended for comfort and clearance. Second, a single horizontal crossbar must be large and oval-shaped to prevent breaking — uncomfortable. The solution, U-shaped loops, allows for perfectly circular handles with the dimensions of a standard powerlifting bar, with the warmth of natural wood.

Weight limit: 150kg (330lbs) total, or 100kg (220lbs) per side

Adult supervision required.