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The next generation of the Gira automatic switch for high installation areas provides even more convenience and safety throughout the building. The new automatic switches activate lighting automatically as soon as a person enters the detection field in low light and switch it off again after a defined time period if no one is present anymore.

A new detection lens with double sensors significantly improves the detection field and quality of the new automatic switches. Being able to "crawl under" this field is a part of the past with the automatic switch 2.

Additional presence detectors and/or automatic switches can be connected to the Gira automatic control switch 2 using an auxiliary insert in order to ensure completely gapless detection in winding halls, for example. The settings for brightness or sensitivity for all the devices are simply made together on the main unit.

The new generation of automatic switches is also offered as a Standard and Comfort top unit for the System 2000. Both variants can be integrated in the switch ranges of System 55, in E22, the F100 and ClassiX. Water-protected installations in accordance with IP 44 are possible with the TX_44 switch range e.g. for outdoor use.