straight staircase / metal frame / metal steps / without risers



  • Type::


  • Structure:

    metal frame

  • Steps:

    metal steps

  • Riser:

    without risers

  • Style:


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Our mobile stairway is suitable for commercial as well as private use. The steps with Graepel-Universal perforation provide slip resistance and drainage. The standard version with a step width of 900 mm has an external dimension of 1170 mm including both railings. The stairway is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and is designed for up to 1.5 kN individual load and up to 3.5 kN/m² evenly distributed load.

The mobile stairway is almost completely pre-assembled. On site, it just needs to be set up and fastened to a ramp/wall or platform. Then the railings must be mounted. The design allows for various gradient angles. For an angle between 0° and 37°, the standard railing can be used. If the gradient angle lies above 37°, the base rail must be removed.

Our mobile stairway allows for a transformation as a platform which can be used as a catwalk.