galvanized steel grating / rubber / for walkways / for staircases



  • Material:

    galvanized steel, rubber

  • Product applications:

    for walkways, for staircases

  • Technical characteristics:

    non-slip, security


A Graepel safety grating that becomes a “silent walkway” due to its rubber studs:

the anti-skid effect and its optical refinements have made this a favorite product for stairs and surfaces in modern interior finishes
on request, the gratings can be supplied with red studs
due to danger of slipping their utilization outside is not recommended
The studs are enclosed loosely. The standard color of the studs is black. It's possible to highlight the stepping edge with red studs. On request, you can have the entire step with red studs. (Please indicate the stud color when ordering!)
welded front edges
These steps are usually made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Other materials are available on request.