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bungalow type house / original design / concrete / energy-efficient



  • Type:

    bungalow type

  • Style:

    original design

  • Framing:


  • Other characteristics:

    energy-efficient, with terrace, energy-saving

  • Area:

    Min.: 53 m² (570 ft²)


Creating monolithic walls of complex shape is one of the activities of Holstroy company.

Inflatable technology allows you to get the most diverse and unusual forms of structures, and the deposition of concrete is used to give these forms of strength and durability. As a result, monolithic houses are obtained.

The advantage of a monolithic sprayed structure is that it does not require a deep foundation. In addition, houses of this type do not have a roof as such, and, therefore, do not require the cost of its manufacture. A house created using this technology is so light that it can be built on the roof of an existing building. Dome form of construction (no corners) allows you to save up to 30% on heating and air conditioning of the room.

The advantages of monolithic houses are also high construction speed, durability, the ability to retain heat, efficiency in operation and ample opportunities to create an attractive design. These buildings are very resistant to damaging effects. World experience in the construction of monolithic structures in coastal and seismically hazardous zones strongly supports their strength.