bioethanol fireplace / contemporary / open hearth / central



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    open hearth

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For biofireplaces limits do not exist, such devices do not require complicated installation or connection to the chimney, they are easy to install and to use. They can be placed both in a spacious house or a smaller flat. Biofireplaces are also an excellent solution for interior design. The wide range of products enables to use it in the most original ideas.

Biofireplace is TÜV certified. The TUV mark is a proof of high quality and confirmation that the device meets obligatory safety requirements. In addition, the certificate of conformity TÜV guarantees that the manufacturing processes of the product is monitored by experts of TÜV Rheinnland Poland and devices are executed at the highest technical level.

Biofireplace with TÜV certified safe biocontainer. A biofireplace with TÜV has an reinforced special chamber that prevents pouring fuel as a result of accidental overflow. It also has a indicator of maximum biofuel rate and the absorbing insert, that reduces consumption and protects against spills as a result of tilting the device (even with burning fuel in a container). Extinguishing the flame in biofireplace is realized through the use of movable cursor, which can be locked by using a special handle supplied with the unit.

Assembly method:

Standalone, does not require mounting, to place anywhere.

Technical Specifications
Fuel type: biofuel of biological alcohol
Weight (kg): 3,8
Material: painted steel, glass
Width (cm): 35,40
Height (cm): 21,80
Depth (cm): 18,00
TÜV certificate: Yes
Colour: black
Type of biofireplace: freestanding
Capacity of bio insert (l): 0,30
Glazing: Yes

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